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Who is Dreamcapture Wedding Video?

Dreamcapture Wedding Video is me,  Peter Breame.  I have been making films since 2006. I’m also a keen guitarist/singer having played in many local bands till 2008 when I decided to quit and concentrate on Wedding films.

Can we meet you before we book?

Yes I regularly meet people before they become clients.

What parts of the country do you cover?

We work all over the UK however, we find 90% of our work is based here in East Anglia.

Are you insured?

Yes we have public liability insurance.

Who films and edits our wedding?

I film and Edit every Wedding except our Starlight Videography where i have a second Videographer with me all day…But I edit every Wedding.

Who will own the copyright?

You will own the copyright to your film. Should I decide I would like to use any part of it, I will of course ask permission first.

Most couples want their Highlights montage online, but some don’t… its your call.

Do you film all types of ceremonies? (Jewish, Hindu etc).

Of course. We have worked on Greek Weddings and are keen to engage all faiths.

If the wedding is at night, do you use lighting?

We do not use lights as we feel it is distracting and spoils the ambiance of the venue.

Will you co-ordinate with my photographer?

We work closely with Photographers all day, as they are also part of the day… our documentary approach means we stay on the periphery observing your day.

Do you have a backup camera?

Yes. We have 3 cameras ready for every wedding we film.

What will the sound quality be like?

We use Sennhesier radio mics during Ceremony and Speeches to ensure high audio quality for your film.

When will we get the film?

Films take approximately 4 to 8 weeks to be complete due to the volume of work involved.

Is VAT added to your films?

No, we are not V.A.T registered.

Do you require food?

Its not a requirement, but most couples do kindly supply a bar meal.





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